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Digital marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy: Right strategy is the key to successful digital marketing strategy campaigns. Whether the business is small or big, it needs to reach the right audience to create awareness. To know if your digital marketing strategy is in place, contact us for free evaluation. RedPepe digital marketing team, first evaluates client’s current marketing plan, generates reports based on detailed analysis and then creates a structured plan. The digital marketing road map is designed by reviewing your current weaknesses and the opportunities marketing strategy to boost online leads and sales. For each business type there has to be a customised marketing strategy, which largely depends on these five factors; Products, Geography, Target audience, Business goals and Competitors. For instance the online marketing strategy for business in UK would be different for a business based in Nigeria. Before creating the strategy we do extensive research on existing market trends (keeping these five factors in mind). We figure out the most effective ways to reach the target audience and henceforth we propose a complete digital marketing strategy to our clients, through which they hit the right cord and reach their goals.

marketing Strategy

Web Presence

Reinvent your web presence and attract new customers. We build a strong presence, position and promotion online that creates a firm foundation for your business. Bеfоrе an organisation marketing strategy begins tо build internet presence, it muѕt understand whаt thе ultimate goal iѕ: gеtting clients. Thiѕ means its not necessarily to hаvе whаt the organisation wаnts оn thе site. It nееds tо hаvе whаt clients will bе searching thе internet fоr оn the your company’s website. It iѕ a rare occurrence thаt a client will gеt оn thе internet аnd search fоr your services. Right from the beginning we plan optimized digital marketing strategy designed as per our customer’s business goals, services, industry, location and target audience. The optimization is done in terms of content, display, search engine, on the website and off the website.


In order to improve the performance of a website, one needs to understand how people are using it. Usability testing is a way to evaluate how easily visitors can reach the right information they are looking for. Usability testing is especially important for websites.Usability testing is especially important for websites. We design the website interface keeping in mind the ease of navigation and reaching the right information easily. The overall website performance will be determined in part by its usability; in order for visitors to convert on your website. People will enjoy using websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate, but will discontinue using websites that are confusing. A website usability test can confirm that a problem exists so that you can solve it quickly

marketing Strategy

Web Outreach

Digitally outreach your customer with RedPepe customized web marketing efforts, to maximize the desired business outcomes. Our online marketing campaign is designed with highly creative, out of box ideas completely new for this market. It ensures optimization of website , digital campaigns and complete digital marketing strategy to bring best results.

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