Parallax vs Traditional Website: What You Need to Know

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What is a Parallax Website?
March 21, 2017

Parallax vs Traditional Website: What You Need to Know

For those who are thinking what is a parallax web design, please refer to my previous blog post on What is a Parallax Website

 A traditional website as we all know is designed with best IA and UI, so visitor get the right information with ease of navigation. A good website has to be SEO friendly, for search engine to recognize, rank and provide visibility when someone searches for related information.

 Now coming back to our topic, while Parallax websites look attractive but posses some non-SEO friendly features.

 The main reasons for it being non SEO friendly are less number of website pages, less content, less SEO keywords. For example, here is an imagined url structure for a website – that sells clothes online and if it opts for a parallax design

  • .com or .ng
  • .com#buy-dresses
  • .com#women-fashion
  • .com#contact

 And here is how the URL will be for a SEO friendly website, with a separate page for each section.

  • .com or .ng
  • .com/buy-dresses
  • .com/women-fashion
  • .com/contact

 In the first sets of URL’s, search engine crawlers will not recognize the url with hash(#). So, it will only index the homepage (.com). Whereas in the second set of urls’s, search engine would be able to index all four pages separately. Hence, it will provide visibility to each of the pages for respective keyword.

 So, separate page for each section of information, makes it easy to promote specific keyword. For eg. if women fashion is promoted, search engines will give preference to individual pages and hence they will be ranked much higher as compared to pages of parallax website.

 The comparison between a Parallax website and SEO friendly website can prove relevant for businesses looking at online visibility and increase in sales leads. Organization who simply wants  an online presence may choose to go for parallax website.

 Can we merge a parallax website with SEO website?

 A parallax website alone may not boost your online presence, but a combination of multi page website with partial parallax effect can turn out to be a perfect mix.

Only well experienced online marketers can design such website with their expertise in IA & UI (information architecture & usability experience) with the right placement of content and images.

 A partially parallax website will consist of scroll only on homepage. The information will be categorized and placed on multi pages. So, the homepage will only give an overview of the website, detail information will be made available on inside pages.

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